Imperfect Produce Inc.

The Situation

Imperfect had growing pains, a customized but low powered mvp website, and scrappy teams of generalists. All teams had pressing needs as we retooled the mvp site for service expansion and our Series A.

As product lead I helmed the redesign and relaunch of Imperfect’s customer ordering and management platform. I also overhauled and led implementation for the company’s first comprehensive analytics platform.

Creating a New Customer Signup Flow

Steps 1-4 of the new sign up flow.

My Role

Customer Insights – Interviewed customers and distilled their feedback into actionable projects for the team.

Product Strategy – Crafted solutions based on company operations and feedback, and presented to our leadership and teams for buy-in.

Project Coordination – Created a framework for managing the slate of projects. This included ownership of the product roadmap, schedule, and deliverables.

UX Design – Designed user flows and developed wireframes for our new site. Directed final designs for the site and set up our company style guide.

Analytics and Validation – Mapped our marketing funnels and user flows to an analytics tracking plan. Managed the implementation of the tracking suite with the development team.

The Challenges

Simple Steps
Customers wanted a simple selection of produce boxes to choose from. A checkout process broken into steps enabled customers to review their progress, review their choices, and save their progress.

Easy Discounts
Customers wanted visual confirmation for discounts during and after signup. Friend referrals should be as easy as copy & paste.

Clear Delivery Info
Clear delivery times and customization windows for upcoming deliveries were priorities for customers and needed to be visually prominent.

Skip a Box
Skip and “unskip” for individual deliveries would allow customers control over their deliveries. A simple toggle would take the guesswork out of vacation scheduling.

Company Impact
Customers were missing the impact of their purchases. The company story was important to prospective customers and should be a part of the experience on the site.

Product Management

I created an infrastructure for distilling our pain points into actionable projects and incorporated competitor research, internal interviews, and customer feedback to iterate on features we needed to scale our mvp. This process started with a roadmap of company priorities.

The roadmap aligned product initiatives to key company goals. Using this, I kept stakeholders and our teams informed of roadblocks and opportunities.  Along the way, I built strong collaborative relationships with each of our teams.

UX Design

We simplified the signup flow to five screens including payment confirmation and separated the process into short easy steps. For our sales teams, this reduced time to signup from eight minutes to five minutes, with time more efficiently allocated to connecting with potential customers. With the segmented process, we now could track customer progress across from landing to check out.

I redesigned user flows that were more efficient. I then sketched experiences for the new user flows and developed wireframes for each experience. With the final wireframes, I directed the creation of design mockups. I packaged the mockups, wireframes, and flows along with detailed instructions into deliverable sets for our development team. I then managed the implementation.

Landing page sketches.

Wireframes of user account screens.


Our MVP site was created using two third-party platforms. This combination, along with a 1-page checkout process severely limited the ability to track and learn from user behavior.

For the website overhaul, I used our new segmented signup flow and unified site to reset the analytics tracking, capturing the full acquisition funnel.

The suite of tracking tools I set up included Google, Cordial, Postie, and Crazy Egg. For each tool, I wrote a tracking plan, and then managed the implementation with our development team.

Tracking each step now gave our teams detailed insight into user behavior on our site including conversion, drop-off, UX patterns, and acquisition trends.


With the new tracking, we were now able to attribute spikes in sessions to specific campaigns and curated our acquisition funnels to focus more on our mobile presence for Facebook, push Nextdoor for our Los Angeles promotions, and scale back paid acquisition in underperforming regions.
The new site simplified referrals from an 8 step manual process to a 2 step automated process. Upon launch of the new system, friend referral acquisition rocketed from an average of 250 referrals to over 900 weekly. This was also a big win because referrals for us had historical double-digit conversion rates and never went below 7%. Referrals continued to present a lasting and lucrative acquisition path for our customers.

The site enhancements curbed customer drop-off by 43% and helped our marketing and operations swiftly expand into four new cities spanning the west coast.
Our work also freed our customer care from manual support on referrals, sign-ups, quality reporting, and delivery skips for vacationing customers.

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